SHOW OPTIONS

Kent Olaf can perform solo or with backup dancers.

Length of soloshow: 15-30 mins

Length of show with backup dancers: 30-45 mins

A full show can also include special effects at an extra cost. Special effects are:

lights, pyro, windmachine, stagesmoke, videoscreen, The Lean.

The logistics of a show is designed to adapt to your location. Minimum requirements are a smooth stagefloor (6x3m) and a PA system/laptop for music.

A full show with special effects requires a proffesional stage. Please contact us if you wish to know more details or prices.



Kent Olaf teaches children how to dance like Michael Jackson. The workshop lasts 1 hours and can be held in 1 day, several days or weeks. The children learn several MJ moves, the MOONWALK. The highlight of the workshop is a performance at the end infront of an audience. This workshop can be set up in schools, malls, summercamps and any event that involves children.